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The Importance of Unity Sand Ceremony.

Most people prefer using sand as a symbol of unity since it is cheap. This is because you can spend zero shillings to get sand since it is locally available. The fact that candles must be bought makes it expensive even if you can buy it at less fee. Wedding sand ceremony tend to omit a lot of things making the general cost to be lower. For instance, let us say that you don’t book venue but instead have the wedding conducted by the beach. You can as well have your honeymoon at the beach instead of travelling again to other far places. Therefore, if you want a wedding ceremony that is affordable you should go for ceremonial sand.

In wedding sand ceremony the couples will always love each other for a long period of time. Most of you know that sand will neither expire nor get spoilt not unless someone just decides to dispose it intentionally. This is helpful especially during the times when the couples have some disagreements in their house. The couple tend to forget the love they had when they first met and this will be initiated by the sight of the ceremonial sand. Just like the candle light disappears after sometime thus how their love will also diminish with time. Overcoming challenges where the bondage is strong is something that can be easily done.

Most people also prefer wedding sand since it is unique and traditional. People like praises and to be talked about by a large group of people of which you will achieve if you old a wedding sand ceremony. One of the things that makes it look more traditional and unique is the introduction of jars of colored sand. Traditional things are long gone with time and most people would love to see them resurface again and thus why you find that ceremonial sand always have large audience.

For instance, during the officiating of candle ceremony one of the two either the bride or the groom will be required to lit the candle and all of them may be willing to do the same and this may create conflicts between the two families. Not only that but the other family members will also not be given chance to participate in lighting the candle and they may see this as if they are sidelined. You find that wedding sand does not live anyone behind as each of them have their jars of sand.
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