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The Key to explosive growth is to create a strong team idenity and at the same time promoting team work. The founder will hold the position of CEO while the Robert Bezeau (the business partner) will be named the General Manager as well as serve as the company’s HR. Abex C.P.A. will be subcontracted to assist with Financial Statement Reports , Income Tax preparation, bookkeeping and articles

Some projects have used other quality management methodologies in post-implementation stages such as continuous improvement cycle which post-implementation committees are sustained to continue supporting any raising issues in processes and workflows and also prioritize implementation and updates needed (Deokar & Sarnikar, 2014).business articles

If client feedback is not sought and taken onboard, the advertising department would not know how well it is performing and would not have a view of the clients experience, therefore future business growth may not materialize and the organization could lose its competitive edge and articles

With numerous article membership sites that limit their services to a number of people, you should be aware that the solution to the dreaded Duplicate Content Penalty is not just addressed by simply copying the articles from these exclusive membership sites and pasting them on your own.

The start up expenses for this company are minimal (a maximum of $2,000), for that reason the risk is insignificant and if this business initiative happens to be unsuccessful, the consequences associated with its failure are limited to the stumpy start up amount.

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