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ERP Consulting – Choosing the Right ERP for Your Business

One of the very important aspects of ERP implementation is the choice of the right software. Be aware that wrong ERP selection is one of the causes of ERP failure. To be fair to such subject, you should get to know ERP failure so that you will really consider ERP consulting.

In such disastrous form, ERP failure can lead to application not being used at all in a specific organization. But, the instances are just very few. Also, if the ERP doesn’t deliver business benefits, then such is also termed as failure. In so many cases, the company that wants to implement an ERP has some ideas about the areas that can benefit on the ERP implementation. If the company cannot reduce the inventory by six percent or increase the inventory turns or reduce the amount of the receivables or the business risks, such should be termed as failed implementation.

In ERP selection, then you must have ERP consulting first. ERP selection starts and ends with understanding the customers’ needs. When the business needs are identified, then the process must be followed to know the ERPs which meet the current and foreseeable future requirements of the customer. You can refer to sites such as the TEC which let you purchase software selection criteria. The advantage of using such existing criteria is to use what has been proven to work. Also, this ensures that you get access to a detailed list. You may then decide on the item that you must keep for the purposes which you need.

ERP selection criteria should only display weightage that must be given to each feature requested. Such weighted criteria should also be taken into consideration not only the perceived needs but also the ability of the organization to effectively use these features. You should also know that ERP selection criteria must involve the technical items too. The ERP implementations are costly. Evaluation criteria must ensure that much of the existing infrastructure must be used. Also, you need to factor in availability of support staff to make sure that the proper support is there.

When it comes to evaluating any tool, one must record the effort that will take in order to meet the business’ needs. Such can be assigned based on their category or priority. High would mean significant amount of customization is needed to meet the customers’ needs. The value which is in terms of hours effort should be dependent on the size implementation.

For you to minimize the amount to implement and be able to increase the success of implementation, then it is necessary to have a thorough evaluation phase. Use of a consultant to perform assessment can turn out to be the best investment that you can make.