Development and Technological Progress

The human need for technology is also supported by the development of science and technology is very rapid. Technological developments and their rapid growth and continue to evolve until now and increasingly global. This can be evidenced by the many innovations and inventions are simple to very complex. In fact, less than 10 years, mobile technology, originally only a means of wireless communication developed into a communication tool that can take photos, record videos, listen to music and access the Internet in seconds.


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The development of technology today is the basis for developing national and state life. The progress of a country is based on how far science and technology are controlled by the state. This is reasonable because science and technology are the basis of every aspect of human life.

Directions of a development of science and technology are as follows:

  1. Utilization development and mastery can accelerate the process of renewal.
  2. Increase productivity and efficiency.
  3. Expanding employment.
  4. Improving the quality of the dignity of the nation and improve the welfare of the people.

The positive impact and the negative impact of technological development seen from various fields:

Department of Information and Communication

  1. In the field of information and communication has occurred very rapid progress. Of progress we can feel the positive impact of Among others:
  2. We will more quickly intervene get information that is accurate and current in any part of the earth via the internet
  3. We can communication with friends, and family very much just by using a mobile phone
  4. We get very Easily bank services and others.

Economy and Industry

In the economic field, technology is developing very rapidly. From the technological advances we can feel the positive benefits include:

  1. Higher economic growth
  2. the industrialization
  3. Increasing productivity of the industrial world.

The development of technology is crucial. Each innovation was created to provide positive benefits to human life. Provide a lot of conveniences, as well as a new way to human activity. Specialized in the field of technology people already enjoy many benefits brought by innovations that have been produced in the last decade.