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How to Get the Right Business Telephone System

An important decision for any business owner to make is as to whether they need a phone systems that has phones installed in the office or all they need is a phone system that connects to mobile phones virtually. Every business owner needs to determine what phone service best suits their business needs. The two major phone systems include the normal telephone systems that are operated by either regional or local phone companies or Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems that are run using the internet and are offered by various companies The choice of a VoIP system also comes with the decision as to either house the server on the company premises or have the phone company host it on the cloud.

Essentially VoIP systems can connect the business phone line to workers working remotely through their home phones or mobile gadgets. They work using a very intricate call forwarding system that forwards all calls made to the business number to the employees phones wherever they are. These phones also have various features like automated receptionists, call forwarding, voicemail, online faxing and even call screening.

A major merit of these systems is that they enable employees to work from anywhere without having to compromise on the professional demeanor expected of them by the company. The other good thing with virtual phone systems is that they enable employees to take advantage of the other features that these phone systems offer to conduct their duties. The only demerit of this system is the double charging on both the virtual system and on the use of the mobile or phone minutes as calls still need to be processed on the home or mobile phone network.. In spite of this demerit they are still the best choice for companies that have their entire workforce or a majority of them working remotely.

The second type of phone system is the normal landline that is hosted by a phone company. These phone systems are also called public switched telephone networks (PSTNs) and they normally run using the traditional copper wiring system. Apart from just doing the wiring for the phone system a business owner that buys a public switched telephone network will also need to buy a PBX-hardware that will enable users to transfer calls and have call directories. Technology has advanced these days and business owners can still get a traditional phone system that is integrated in the business data network. The traditional phone systems are still a favourite among many businesses since they have been tried and tested in the past without fail and they are known for their reliability and affordability

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