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How Important Dog Kennels Are?

If you’re thinking of getting a dog or a puppy, then no doubt that you got to do research on how you can train them to ensure that they’d be a wonderful addition to your house. When your pup is in its kennel, it’s less likely to get into something that it shouldn’t be elsewhere in the house, which is the same reason why it is very effective to teach your canine to behave in kennels. There are so many puppies who die as a result of eating something that is poisonous in their health for the first year of being in their owner’s home.

There are people who think that dog kennels are just mean or cruel. The truth is that, if you get a kennel that’s just right for the size of your dog, it’ll be a safe place that they’ll look forward to every single day. Due to the reason that dogs started in dens and caves, the kennel communicates with the instincts of the dog to be comfortably tucked away in small space.

However, how you can get to choose the right dog kennel size? Well a general rule to be followed here is to get a kennel that’s big enough to let your dog to stand and even turn around to eat. Whenever possible, avoid kennels that are so big for their size as this can possibly be the cause of anxiety to your dog. Believe it or not, dogs have a tendency to have easier time to relax when they just have enough room to move and eat.
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Say for example that you have finally decided on a dog kennel, you should get few accessories that should be put inside it. Say that you have a puppy, put a towel or blanket in its kennel that smells just like you in an effort to avoid separation anxiety from your pup. Since dogs heavily rely on scent, this would remind them of you and be comforted. Aside from that, when starting to introduce your dog to the kennel, allot some time to make them get used to it.
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You shouldn’t leave your canine alone in the kennel for extended period of time especially if this is its first time to be put inside it. Rather, you have to do this process on a gradual basis to do it successfully. It must be supervised every now and then when getting your dog to be used in a kennel. Just let them out of it after they’ve stopped whining or barking.