Laser Cutters Designed for Home Use

In the not too distant past, the only laser cutting machines available were large ones used in commercial and industrial applications. Artists, those who handmade products, and hobbyists who needed materials cut would have to find a metal works shop, lumber yard, or manufacturing plant willing to do small jobs. Whether it was metals, woods, glass, acrylics, or other materials, there was no way to cut out a design.


The situation placed limitations on creativity, design freedom, and the possibilities of trying unique and innovative ideas. Cutting had to be outsourced at the expense of the individual. Depending on the amount of production, that got costly fast. It also took more time to accomplish a piece or task.

Problem Solved

An American company designed, engineered, and manufactured a wider range of laser cutter machine sizes. The new smaller machines, which include a desk top model with an open table, are in response to design trends over the past five years. More and more items with cut outs have become popular and in high demand.

From custom cut wedding invitations to lamp shades, furniture, and fencing, items had cut outs. Those can be animals, intricate details, flowers, tractors, or anything else people can think of cut out of the middle or at the edges. People want to try and create their own items for home decor, gifts, home improvements, or just for fun.

Different Models

The desk top model, the Boss Ls-1416, is perfect for individuals. Hobbyists, craftsmen, artists, and beginners can afford the machine and eliminate obstacles to creativity. The Boss Ls-1630 is ideal for small businesses. The size is not too big, the results are professional grade precision, and it can help owners offer more services and attract new customers.

Free lifetime technical support helps users get the most from their investment. Many “how to” videos are accessible on the website for efficient solutions to challenges, new ideas, and demonstrations of capacities of pre-installed software. Conveying issues or answering questions can also be done via emails and phone calls for customer convenience. Explore the options and discover how a laser cutter for home use can broaden horizons, and extend creative abilities.