Laser Marking Machine has Entered a New Stage

With the continuous development of social life, the rapid development of science and technology, laser marking machine has entered a new stage. Currently, the machine marking the domestic laser market has a fiber laser marking machine, CO 2 laser marking machine and semiconductor laser marker machine. Compared to traditional processing equipment, although the price of laser fiber processing equipment is more expensive, this fiber optic laser marker machine still relies on its unique advantages, gradually becoming the logo, advertising, electronics and other aristocracy industries.

Laser, Galvanometer is the core of laser equipment, the current market is mainly domestic and imported laser, galvanometer, which is relatively speaking, the domestic price will be slightly cheaper, but technology and strict laser quality, the mirror will be safer.

So what are the advantages of optical fiber marker laser machine in practical application?

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CO 2 laser marking machine is often referred to as a gas laser marker machine, CO 2 laser is the infrared wavelength of infrared light gas 10.64 um gas, the use of CO 2 gas into the release tube as a laser medium, when the electrode increases the voltage, Discharge the tube in the light discharge, the gas molecule can release laser, laser energy amplification after the formation of processing of laser light material, through the computer control galvanometer to change the optical path of laser light to achieve automatic marking. That is, the use of laser marking on valves on the surface of the material, direct light energy is converted into heat, so that the material surface melting momentary or even gasification, thus forming a mark. The laser marking machine has unparalleled advantages over traditional marking methods (printing, marking, electrical corrosion, etc.) Due to special working principles: A, non-contact processing: B, materials for a wide range of: paper, plastics, ceramics, glass, skin and various other types or hardness that are different from the marked material on the text; C, low operating costs D, can be integrated with other equipment on the production line to improve the level of automation of production lines; E, clear mark, permanent can’t be erased, beautiful, etc., and can be used in the production line, and effective anti-counterfeiting; F, longevity, no pollution. G, marking speed, greatly improving production efficiency