Places of Interest in Batam

Batam is a town located in the province of Riau Islands. This city has a nickname as Singapore’s past is one of the areas that became the center of industry for Indonesia. The city is located in Batam Island which has a distance of only about 15 kilometers from Singapore, to trip this place you can use the ferry from singapore to batam.
Batam area is regional free trade zone, that position makes this island is very crowded with tourists both from domestic and foreign. Noted that the island each year become the second tourist destination after Bali.

Before exploring the city of Batam, will invite you to see a very interesting attraction in the City. What are the attractions? This Berkut elaboration.

Panorama Beautiful Bridges Barelang
Barelang bridge is a bridge that became the icon and landmark for the city of Batam. The bridge that connects these three metropolitan areas Batam (Batam, Rempang and Galang) was built to promote the economic wheels on the island of Batam. This bridge has a view that is so beautiful that is a mix between nan verdant islands, hills and blue sea. This bridge became a favorite stopover tourists in Batam. Besides, this place is also a favorite place for tourists to capture the moment in the city of Batam.

Relax in the square Engku Putri
Engku Putri square is a square located in the center of Batam city administration. This area is very beautiful and neat. Surrounded by various offices, places of worship, and shopping centers make this square is always crowded with tourists both are just relaxing or who want to capture the moment in this very beautiful place.

History Kampung Vietnam
This place is one of the historical attractions in Batam. Village which has an area of 80 hectares is now uninhabited. The village is used as one of the monuments of humanity Indonesia as a witness to history for the Vietnamese refugees.

Vietnam village location is a little bit off the beaten track, but still it became a magnet for tourists to visit. That’s because the historical value so high that owned this Vietnamese village. It can be found in Kampung Vietnam are statues, tombs, ex-former home, museums, places of worship, prison, even there is also a monument built by the refugees displaced from vietnam. If you bekunjung to this place, this place will surely provide experience traveled with different nuances.