The Stock Market Game

People often say the stock market is a game, but a growing number of companies are taking that literally. My main advice to a newcomer in the SMG game is that simply because a product or company is currently popular in the media, or is well known, does not mean you should invest in it. Often times, those stocks tend to be the quite inconsistent and will drop immensely, for example, Facebook or Twitter.

Patterns like the 50-day moving average crossing the 200-day moving average and then diverging; patterns like increasing levels of volume during a strong stock move; patterns like the slope of the Relative Strength Index (RSI) at the same time other patterns appear.

To meet the challenge, schools all over the nation are seeking more effective educational tools that both motivate students and support teachers in building lifelong learning skills and the Stock Market Game contest has given educators such ways to improve the learning experience since 1977.

Sixth grader Carter Mortensen is riding a wave of joy after being named the winner of the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association (SIFMA) and Invest Write’s 2013 Stock Market Game, a financial literacy program contest taught in elementary, middle and high schools throughout the nation.stock market gamestock market game

This is a great exercise that helps simulate the real world stock market because of the fact that real figures are used and data used to make decisions in the stock market game is the same research that is used to make decisions by real investors all around the world.stock market game

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