Title: 7 Necessary Startup Business Supplies

A startup business often requires some initial capital. The amount needed to start a corporation or service varies: a tech company doesn’t have the same needs as a bakery. Additionally, some business owners start their companies without any savings, while others wait decades to have enough money to run it. Despite the vastly different startup funding requirements, most businesses share a few common supply needs.

As you develop your small business checklist, add these costs to your budget:

A Website

Professional websites don’t have to consume your entire initial budget. Start with a cheap, but effective, web hosting service. The highly rated ones usually cost less than $10 a month, some as little as a dollar. Most of the website costs are split between customizable templates, extra features like an online store, registration of a domain, and web graphics.

A few of these costs can be reduced or cut by learning the basics of web coding. Your business’s first website won’t be its last and best one. Therefore, good enough for now is better than not getting one up at all. As your profits increase, hire a professional web designer.

Business Cards

Business cards and a website work congruently to attract customers to your service, which makes your networking efforts successful. Carry at least a couple dozen with you at all times. Buy the business cards as soon as you know your company’s basic information: the name, address, phone number, email address, and web address.

Use Vistaprint and Moo to find inexpensive business card packages. Both sites allow you to design your own or use one of their templates. Apply discount codes when available; check Groupon for Vistaprint coupons.

Mail Postage

Buy a bulk supply of mailing envelopes and boxes. Many startups spend work hours just mailing sales packages to potential investors and clients. Check USPS’s website for bulk supplies that are often sold for free or cheap.

Marketing Material

In addition to business cards and postage, buy fliers, pens, and a few other products that help market your company in a smart way. Do not just buy anything that your name can be slapped on, instead focus on items that work with your brand. For example, if you’re a golf company, have your name engraved on a special set of golf balls. Save enough money to advertise your company online, and in local newspapers and magazines.

Educational Products

If there is a weakness in your business knowledge, and you can’t afford to hire someone for that area, take courses to improve. Sites like Coursera and Udemy offer free or cheap online courses, and your library card grants access to certain courses that have partnered with your local library. Often, check your community centers or colleges for affordable courses.

Computer Networking System

The basic office has a monitor, router, modem, wifi access, and a high performing computer. Make sure your office has all of these things.

Most companies need software that at least creates documents, makes presentations, manages your finances, creates videos, and photoshops.

Basic Office Supplies

A shredder is a must for destroying confidential financial information. Buy filing cabinets and storage bins to save extra supplies and documents. Lastly, you need a printer for scanning, copying, and printing out important paperwork. All of these basic supplies are sold discounted on eBay. The auction site lets buyers save even more with their Groupon coupons. Stock up on all your office supplies with these codes.