Why choose steel shelving?

If you own a warehouse or an office and you need to buy more shelving, you should consider choosing steel shelving. This is because there are lots of benefits to steel shelving that make it perfect for commercial storage.

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It doesn’t matter if you have multiple large warehouses that ship every day, or a small office that is rarely used; either way, steel shelving is a great storage option. Here are four reasons to use steel shelving for your warehouse or office.

Steel is affordable

Steel shelves are very affordable, especially when compared to wooden shelves. This is very important for small companies with a strict budget, as it means that they can get more for their money.

Steel is versatile

Steel shelving is extremely versatile. It normally comes in kits that you can put up yourself, which means you can customise the width and height of each shelf so that they fit in your space perfectly. It is also possible to buy static shelves that can be attached to the walls, which is ideal for small spaces that don’t have much extra room.

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Steel can be used to store heavy items

Industrial steel shelving is strong enough to hold heavy items, even if it looks like a lightweight frame. This is because steel is very durable and tough.

For instance, it is possible to safely store heavy machinery on steel shelves such as https://www.rackzone.ie/shelving/industrial-residential-shelving). This is because industrial shelving Ireland or anywhere else, for that matter, doesn’t use nuts or bolts, so the shelves won’t become loose or damaged.

Steel can be used to store delicate items

Finally, steel can also be used to store delicate items. Lots of warehouses and offices use storage bins to hold their delicate items, but in reality this isn’t a good idea as the items pile up on top of each other. This means they are more likely to break or become damaged, but thankfully this is completely avoidable with steel shelves.

Simply place the delicate items on the shelf with a small amount of distance between them, and none of them will get damaged.

So in conclusion, if you are short on space and the items are light you can use wall shelves but if the items are heavy, it is best to go for standing shelves that are made from industrial steel.