How to Juggle Earning Your MBA with Running a Business

While there’s no argument that running a business demands long work hours and most of your attention, it’s still worthwhile to pursue earning an MBA if you don’t have one yet. Even if you’re a successful business owner, there’s so much more that will open up to you once you earn your MBA. If your business is still struggling, you have even more to gain from earning your MBA. Fortunately, it’s easier than you might think to juggle your studies with your workload if you know how to pursue your degree.

Select the Right Program

Look for the right MBA program for you at Business owners need programs that specialize not only in business management, but also potentially have some ties to the industry in which they find themselves. It’s also important that your courses are flexible so you can work on a deadline system instead of being tied to attending courses at a specific time of day. Operating a business means you always expect the unexpected and you can’t be sure how your schedule will wind up on any given day.

Devote Some Time Daily (If Possible)

While it’s difficult to juggle your work and home obligations to begin with, it’s still possible to add your schoolwork to your schedule if you’re committed enough. If you spread the coursework throughout the week instead of devoting several hours to it on one day, you’ll find the experience less stressful. Get up early or go to bed late and create an extra hour in your day. Work during lunch breaks or stop by a coffee shop on the way home to devote an hour to your studies when co-workers and family won’t disturb you. Then again, if you only have one or two days off per week and working on schoolwork during those days appeals to you, do whatever it takes to be successful. Flexibility is key, as long as you don’t feel like you’re scrambling to catch up.

Use Your Business for Coursework

You’ll find a lot of assignments from your courses ask you to apply theories to practical uses – and as a business owner, you’re in the perfect position to put theory into practice. Complete coursework during the business day by experimenting with what you’ve learned and you’ll have plenty of material to report about to your professor.

Owning and/or operating a business takes drive, commitment, and talent – three things that will serve you well in your pursuit of an MBA. There are few people better positioned to earn an MBA and reap the benefits of having that degree than the business owner. Even if you’ve yet to open your business, if it’s one of your professional goals, it’s best to attend graduate school online as soon as possible.