Marketing tips for small business

When you are running your own business one key element that you need to make sure that you are consistently completing is some form of marketing. If you have a website, you will probably have enlisted the help of a company like Elevate UK who offer Professional SEO services London area. These companies will help you to appear higher up the search engine results meaning that more people will see your website. But what other things could you do to help market your business?

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Video content

Video is fast becoming one of the most popular ways in which companies are conveying information to their customers and their prospective customers. These videos are usually in bite sized chunks that people can enjoy during their lunch breaks at work or perhaps during their commute to work on the bus or train. There are many different ways that you can get a video produce from employing the services of a professional company through to creating your own explainer video on one of the main different types of software that is available. Some businesses are making the most out of the facility to be able to use live video from applications like Facebook.

Social Media

Making the most out of the free networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook as well as Instagram and Pinterest are one of the best ways you can create some noise around your brand. These applications allow you to promote your business both in terms of paid adverts and free pages where you can post images of your work and products as well as sharing testimonials and other snippets of information that your customers may find useful.

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Customer Referrals or Rewards

Many coffee chains offer reward schemes for purchasing drinks from their sites such as buy nine coffees and get the tenth one free. Equally other companies offer rewards for referring new customers to them, this may be in the form of a voucher to spend in a high street store or may be money off your next visit to them.  This is a clear way to encourage customers to return to your company as well as them to act as a referral mechanism for you.

There are many other ways that you can market your company, and these can include both paid and free ideas, but you need to ensure that you are consistent in your approach to help grow your business further.