Supplies / Office Equipment

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An office in conducting its activities can not be separated from the provisions that exist so that will produce office products that are expected, without any supplies of office that not be there a good office results.

On the things that happen because the Complement employees of the offices who work with existing office supply facilities.

For more details what office supplies let us learn the following material.

Selecting Office Equipment

Equipment / supplies office consists of 5 kinds:
Furniture, equipment / equipment, machinery, aircraft and office interiors.
Understanding of Office Supplies are all facilities / goods in the office either directly or indirectly used in the implementation of office work to produce something to be expected.

Office supplies are an important means of employment in the workplace, there is no labor office, as office employees work to process materials with available office equipment and equipment.

Miscellaneous Office Equipment

As explained in advance, office supplies are of such kinds:

Office furniture all kinds of goods / office objects that serve as a supporter of office work. Office furniture can also mean all kinds of equipment related to writing and storage of office work. Another term of office furniture is office furniture or office furniture. For example tables, chairs, cabinets, shelves and so on.

Equipment / office equipment is the goods used to produce an expected job in the office. For example paper, envelopes, machine ribbons and so on.

When detailed equipment / office equipment can be divided into:

  • Goods consumable goods that can only be used 1 time or not durable. For example paper, envelopes, ink, carbon, clips / paperclips.
  • Goods that are not consumables of office items that can be used repeatedly or durable. For example ruler, hecter / stepler, scissors and so on.
  • Office machines are all kinds of office machines used for office installation purposes. For example typewriter, computer, stencil, OHP, photo copy machine etc.
  • Office aircraft are all office machines that are used to build communication both in the environment itself and with outsiders. For example intercom, telephone, fax, etc.
  • The interior of the office is all kinds of goods / facilities that serve to decorate the office space that created a matching room. For example pictures, lights, vases, etc.