The History Of Cannabis In Modern Era

At the end of the 1700s in the American medical journal has written use of hemp seeds and roots to overcome health problems, including skin inflammation and loss of consciousness. As more and more people are addicted to heroin, opium, and morphine, the drug regulatory authority in 1906 the US Food and issuing rules for use of marijuana. At that time a highly regulated are opium and morphine, while marijuana is not. For more information, check this site Florida Medical Marijuana Doctors
But in 1914 the use of marijuana as a medicinal plant is considered a crime. Even so, marijuana is still used for medicinal purposes.

In 1970 marijuana categorized as a hazardous substance and should not be used for treatment. Although various medical journals mention the medical benefits of cannabis, but the US government still forbids it.
In mid-2015, 23 states in the US to legalize the medical use of cannabis in the world, but only for people with certain medical conditions. Read more Medical Marijuana Doctors in Florida

Marijuana is allowed for children who suffer from epilepsy or to eliminate the side effects of chemotherapy in cancer patients. In some states also allow the use of marijuana for patients with HIV / AIDS, Parkinson’s disease, or multiple sclerosis.
Although research on marijuana is very limited because of restrictions on the use of this plant as a drug, recent studies succeeded in exploring aspects of treatment of marijuana, especially for diseases related to brain function. See also Medical Marijuana Florida

For example, a study in 2015 concluded marijuana effectively copes with schizophrenia. The research also reveals this plant helps restore bone fractured, stop seizures are severe, even treating migraines.