Tips To Build A Solid Team

The team did not create a great work for granted. The team, every member feels right for each other, like pieces of a puzzle is the result of hard work of strong leadership and wise.

Apart from the role of the leader, of course, each member of the team also need to have some expertise and insight, and most importantly, they must prove that they can work well in teams. For more information, check this site worryfreelabs

And here are some characteristics that are needed to create a solid team, among others:

Collaboration Between introvert And Extrovert

Typically, we think that people are open (extrovert) is he who runs (Doers) or players who are at the forefront. Usually, people extrovert is considered a more competent team members because they look more and easy to get along with others.

Each Team Member To Share And Understand The Common Goal

Each team member should have the same goals and ambitions, it is intended that the team can work as efficiently as possible. A series of studies on the military team showed that the team works efficiently depending on how the team members apply a common understanding of tasks/goals they need to accomplish.

Have tTme For Jokes

Humor may not be an obvious factor to measure the effectiveness of the team, but in reality, humor has to build trust and intimacy that can create better team interaction.

cCmmunicate Proactively

The effective team establishes intense communication and proactive.

Strong Leadership As Its Foundation

If all members of the team have had all the characteristics mentioned above, a team still needed a strong leader role and thoughtful. The leader’s role is not just to give an example and motivate team members, but also provide effective feedback and to maintain the required soft skills