Ways You Can Make Your Small Business Environmentally Friendly

Businesses being committed to being more environmentally friendly can lead to plenty of benefits such as better employee wellbeing to longer-term financial savings. As a business owner, you may have an idea of what to do to make your business a bit greener, but do you know all the practices that can be implemented into a business that can make it more environmentally friendly?

Turn The Power Off

Before leaving the office, be sure that all equipment is switched off including computer screens and laptops. It can be a bad habit for many employees who may choose to leave their computer on sleep so it’s ready for the next day. In turning your power off, it can help reduce energy by at least 25 percent.

Switch Off The Lights

It can be common for employees to leave the light on in a room, especially if they feel it’s a room that they feel will be used often throughout the working day. Lighting can make up around 40 percent of the energy consumption in the office. It’s important to remind staff to switch off lights after they leave meeting rooms or there can be signs that can be placed near light switches which can help to remind them. Alternatively, motion sensor lights can also be installed so they can automatically switch after a certain amount of inactivity.

Reduce Paper Use

There can be instances where paper is required in an office environment, as such an office will require a printer. However, there have been initiatives introduced where offices have become completely paperless and use digital methods to overcome regular printing. Ways that printing can be reduced includes:

  • Making font size smaller when printing
  • Using email communications
  • Printing double-sided documents

Use Natural Ventilation

Many commercial offices have industrial ventilation systems and air conditioning installed to help combat heat and humidity in the working environment. Although these are popular in most offices, they can be expensive to run. Instead, try using alternative ventilation such as opening windows or using disposable fans to generate a breeze in the office.

Promote Recycling

As well as providing recycling bins in the office, there are ways you can educate employees on recycling to help it become a long-term solution and a positive habit in the office. For example, educating employees on the reasons for recycling and the impact it has can encourage employees to do it regularly. There can also be motivation goals set regarding recycling that can be set every month so employees have a target each month.

Implementing these methods in your office are the ideal steps to take in order to make it greener. Rather than having stainless steel ductwork installed or constantly having lights on, make the most of the resources you have and look to encourage going green around the office. It can motivate employees and promote greater well-being for your business.