What does great customer service look like in a restaurant?

A restaurant can have the most delicious food in town, but if the customer service leaves a lot to be desired, it is unlikely that people will come back. Consequently, it is crucial that employees are trained to give excellent customer service. Doing so will help increase sales and enhance the reputation of your establishment.

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Avoid the faux pas found here http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-12123463 and implement high-quality training with the attributes below, and your staff will be able to provide patrons with great customer service that will keep them coming back for more.

1.      Provide a friendly service

Providing excellent customer service requires a warm and welcoming attitude. Staff should strive to be friendly and show a sincere interest in their diners. Front of house staff, including hosts and waiters, should aim to be social and engage in conversation with customers by advising them on the menu or by simply asking them how their day is.

2.      Be exceptional

The food industry is a competitive, and customers can avail of good food and customer service in most establishments. To really stand out from the pack, you must go beyond this standard and be nothing short of exceptional. This can be done by adding extra-special customer service; offer mints after dinner, drinks to go and special features not on the menu. A tour of the kitchens or cold rooms (the latter of which can be found at www.fridgefreezerdirect.co.uk/cold-rooms) could even add to your customers’ overall experience.

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3.      Be prompt

Restaurant owners should ensure that the needs of their customers are met within a suitable amount of time. When customers ask for a refill, a condiment or their bill, they should not have to wait for 10 minutes for their request to be fulfilled as this will impact negatively on their overall experience. Therefore, restaurant owners should ensure their staff provide a prompt service without hovering or rushing as this will unsettle patrons.

4.      Be available

Although hovering should be avoided, being available should be encouraged. Excellent customer service can be exercised when customers can easily see your staff and are therefore more likely to make a request. You’ll enrich a customer’s dining experience by simply being visible. This will help them feel more comfortable, knowing that if they need something, you’re available to be of service.